BLACK ANVIL Forge Gramercy Theatre

New York City is warming up sooner than expected this year and Metal concert momentum is picking back up at our major venues with it. The True Mayhem  A.K.A. Mayhem headlined a sold out show at Gramercy Theatre on February 19, 2017 with support from Immolation and New York’s own Black Metal band Black Anvil. As one of the few Black Metal bands in NYC, Black Anvil are regarded as the most notable band of their genre in the NYC Heavy Metal scene.  Black Anvil were on tour with Mayhem since January 20, 2017 up until February 19th at Gramercy Theatre, with some dates in Canada during the tour. Black Anvil premiered their single “Ultra” from their fourth studio album As Was, which debuted on January 13, 2017 via Relapse Records.

Black Anvil opened their set with “On Forgotten Ways”, setting the atmosphere with dim red lighting for the sinister intro of the eight minute song.  Centered in front of their New York Black Metal logo as it appears on the new album As Was, Black Anvil’s bassist/lead vocalist Paul Delaney screeched lyrics into the mic while picking away on bass with steadfast precision during the opening song. The fourth song on the setlist “Nothing” was the performance that prompted fans at Gramercy Theatre into a moshing frenzy. Those at the front of the stage barricade chanted along with Delaney to the melodic part of the song before its pummeling speed break down. Drummer Raeph Glicken could be considered the primary facet during Black Anvil’s live performances, keeping the band solid and tight through the most challenging song segments. Guitarist/vocalists Travis Bacon and Jeremy Sosville take an insightful approach to trade off riffs and solos.

Black Anvil impressively hold their own as an opening act and prove that they were meant to share the stage with the headliners such as the legendary Mayhem. Black Anvil’s entire setlist included tracks “On Forgotten Ways”, “May Her Wrath Be Just”, the album titled single “As Was”, “Nothing”, and the brooding melodic “Ultra” in that order.  Purchase Black Anvil’s new album here and stay tuned for future tour dates.