It seems as though every new Weekend of Wreckage has been finding itself in the deadliest of seasons. However, the support within the local New York Rock and Heavy Metal scene is so close knit that no amount of unforgiving weather could keep bands, friends, and fans alike, away from The Rock Shop in Park Slope, Brooklyn this past August 12, 2016 (Day 1 of the Gotham Rocks Presents: Weekend of Wreckage). 

As doors opened at 7:30PM, the first act began sound check on stage for their 8PM opener set. Crowd The Airwaves are a three-piece, female-fronted punk rock band from Brooklyn, NY. Bassist Heather Lee Marvin and guitarist Christina Elliot opened their set with the band’s new drummer Jerad Lippi and their popular Devil May Care EP single, "Blood". Alternating, powerful vocal harmonies and tight, upbeat rhythms give these ladies a sound all their own. Heather is also quite the entertainer on stage; always boisterous with a larger than life persona. Their newest song debut, “Roots” is a bluesy, catchy number with many vocal highs and lows. They also announced the release of a new EP in the near future. The ladies of Crowd the Airwaves started the evening off with a strong set and draw to really get the party started. Crowd The Airwaves are a band the scene loves and respects, with a huge potential to grow from the local scene. 

DeepState are a dynamic Alternative Metal band from Queens, NY. With influences seeming to come from everything like Queens of the Stone Age to Tool, they are quite the interesting and unique act to listen to and witness on stage. Lead singer Joe is the most recent addition to the group, and while their original vocalist definitely displayed adequate power Joe brings a whole new dynamic and stylistic approach to the band’s vocal and overall delivery. Rapid staccato screams and insane inhale/exhale belts could make him a staple on the scene alone, but the rest of the band; Mark, James and Tony, really provide a solid backbone that is the true meat and potatoes of the unmistakable DeepState sound. The band made sure to thank Brooke and Gotham Rocks for the opportunity between heavy-hitting numbers and one point Joe even crooned darkly for a fan’s up-close cellphone recording. Their set was tight and vastly entertaining. 

    The next big act to take the stage was Libricide; a popular local melodic/progressive rock band via Brooklyn and Long Island, NY. With influences reminiscent of, but definitely not limited to, that of Incubus, Alice in Chains, STP and the like, and with just the right amount of tastefully progressive elements, they’ve got some of the catchiest and most upbeat tunes this side of the local scene. Their set began with the ever-energetic “Encumbrance Removed” with hooky choruses and a wicked-shredding outro solo. Jumping from there right into other gregarious crowd-pleasers like “Critical Mass” and “No Accident”, they had the audience visibly pumping as they broke into their own rendition of “Higher Ground”. Even with some slight technical difficulties mid-set, the group pulled back nearly effortlessly, getting right back into the atmosphere of cultivating groove, dancing, and genuinely enlightened fun. Libricide finished off their set with the two lead singles from their 2015 self-titled debut, “Somebody’s Daughter” and “Shavings Carver”. Between effectual vocals and insightful lyrics, dynamic chord structures and meritorious guitar leads, and an energetic rhythm section and hilarious stage banter is why this group has come as far as they have on the scene.

Fall of the Albatross is an instrumental Progressive Metal band from Queens, NY. Formed in 2007, the group has many modern stylistic elements reminiscent of bands like Animals as Leaders and Between the Buried and Me. Their music is heavy hitting but also has plenty of softer and more dynamic sections and overtones. Guitarists Harold McCummings and Colin Ruhwedel were all progged out with 7-strings and headless guitars, fusing heavy metal riffage with undeniably groovy breakdowns. Their set was very instrumentally impressive and definitely got fans talking. 

Unconscious Disturbance began developing their groundbreaking mixture of Rock and Metal at an early age. The two brothers, guitarist and lead singer Kiko and drummer/vocalist Daniel Freiberg, almost co-front the band together live and have been playing together for many, many years. Bassist Danny Dahan did not stop moving, no matter the tempo. Sadly the group’s set was cut somewhat short due to time constraints but was ended properly with “something heavy” (the song “Let It Rain”) at a fan in the crowd’s behest. Having performed in front of thousands of people in Brazil, Unconscious Disturbance maintained the same amount of energy at The Rock Shop for NYC fans. Check out their new single "Scream" on Spotify!

Sun & Flesh are a self-described “loud” rock and metal band from Brooklyn, NY. The group sounds larger than life live, with hard-hitting riffs and beats and chanting anthemic gang vocals. Guitarist Christoph Manuel paraded around the last few songs shirtless, shredding away and dropping to his knees during their last song "Bored".  Aside from great guitar work, Sun and Flesh vocals are a crowd stimuli and a returning favorite of Weekend of Wreckage. Be sure to catch Sun and Flesh on their "2016 Olympics Tour" featuring A Collegiate Affair tonight in Winchester, VA and up to August 27th at Kaboom in Garner, NC. Find Sun and Flesh on YouTube where their newly released promotional video is available for view here.

Even with minor technical difficulties at The Rock Shop, all bands were professional and played exceedingly well to an abundant crowd of rock and prog/rock fans. Food and booze kept flowing as folks stuck around to chat and listen to many of the acts they hadn’t initially come for. It started the weekend off with a bang and really got things rolling for a great Night Two (the following evening). Three cheers and many beers to Brooke von Berg and the whole crew at Gotham Rocks for the as usual superb event hosting and helping to keep the local scene pumping. Every band played their hearts out and caught the ears of this otherwise broadly diverse audience. And if you didn’t get your fill then, Night 2 was just as eventful.



Co-Written By: Harun Gadol