UNEARTH Tear Up The Stage At Gramercy Theatre

Gramercy Theatre continues to keep heavy metal alive and loud even on a Sunday night as Unearth set up shop on their tour with the Swedish melodic death metal heavy hitters Soilwork on November 13, 2016. The North American "Fury Tour" was headlined by Soilwork with support from Unearth along with Wovenwar, Battlecross, and Darkness Divided. "Fury Tour" commenced back on October 14th in Rhode Island, making New York its twenty-fifth and third to last tour stop. Since 1998, Unearth have provided fans with six full length albums and two EP’s, their latest full length album released in 2014 titled Watchers of Rule, a tasteful  combination of melodic death metal and hardcore arrangements. 

Unearth opened their set beneath dark red and green lighting, facing the rabidly waiting Heavy Metal patrons of Gramercy Theatre. To the surprise of many, Wovenwar drummer Jordan Mancino had not dismantled his drum kit. It was made apparent to the audience when Mancino returned to the stage with Unearth, that he was subbing in for drummer Nick Pierce. Pierce has been recovering from back surgery and was unable to recover in time for the tour. With performances by Battlecross, Darkness Divided, and Wovenwar prior to their set, the venue was heated up for Unearth and Soilwork on that chilly night in New York City. Unearth emerged with full force leading fans into chants and fists in the air. Lead singer Trevor Phipps' powerful vocals are recognizable the moment he belts out the first verse.

Unearth put the crowd into sweaty motion during the 2002 EP titled track "Endless" and "This Lying World", to name a couple on the setlist that night. Yet Unearth is not your typical Hardcore band. Aside from their thundering dirty breakdowns which brought fans into a moshing frenzy, they kept the music catchy with high-octane octive laden riffs. To switch things up, guitarist Ken Susi comes in on clean vocals, nearly splitting the stage in two afterwards with air jumps and  spiraling  leaps beside guitarist Buz McGrath. Phipps' announcement for "Endless" was one he thought that many old fans would appreciate hearing. The crowd's reaction was exactly the one you would expect from die hard Unearth fans, as Phipps raised his beer, spawning a circle pit among the aggressive crowd of heavy metal fans. Shirts flew off, horns were high up, and Unearth could clearly see how berserk the New York City heavy metal scene is. It wasn't a complete Unearth show until a fan literally flung himself over the crowd to the front of the stage. Some other songs performed that night included "The Great Dividers", "The Swarm", "Last Wish", "Giles", "Never Cease", and "Zombie". With the "Fury Tour" wrapped up, Unearth head out to Europe on December 1st and join Iced Earth, Ensiferum, and Kataklysm on the "Headbangers Ball Tour" until December 19th. Check out Unearth on Facebook for future tour dates and news and their latest album Watchers of Rule available on Spotify and can be purchased here on iTunes.