FAT RAD CATERING Launch At Saint Vitus

Our very own Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, NY opened its doors at 2PM on Sunday, January 29, 2017. The heavy metal venue welcomed many to attend the official launch party for Fat Rad Catering. The company is the brainchild of Chef Brian Tsao and Nick Ross Emde. Brian Tsao is a high profile executive chef with an extensive resume. He has appeared on the highly rated competition of Beat Bobby Flay - Season 1, with a triumphant win against Bobby Flay's infamous tacos. Leaving the restaurant industry behind, Brian Tsao joined forces with Nick Emde who compliments Brian's chef expertise with a vast knowledge and experience in NYC bartending to encompass the Fat Rad Catering vision. 

Fat Rad Catering specializes in American and Asian-Fusion cuisine, specifically within the music industry, with the rock and heavy metal community as the targeted demographic. The Fat Rad Catering menu is a tasteful amalgamation of Chinese, Korean, and American culinary influences, and here's where it gets interesting. As musicians themselves, each in their own respected music projects, Brian Tsao and Nick Emde's musical influences are deep-rooted in rock and heavy metal music that their idea to launch a catering company to a community of people that work and conduct business in this genre, and in the music industry is innovative and brilliant.  In a scene where Metal is underrated by a music business saturated with mainstream music, Fat Rad Catering shines light on the culture of rock and heavy metal and has incredible potential to become a household name among record labels, music management companies, magazines and more. 

Fat Rad Catering successfully demonstrated the quality of food and service they provide to their clients. It is also awesome knowing that "Fat Rad" own a farm where they procure their ingredients from which attribute to the fresh and mouth watering taste of the company's dishes. The bar top at Saint Vitus was laden with a large basin of shrimp cocktail over ice, cheese and fruit platters of goat brie, cheddar, walnuts, dried cranberries, raspberry preserves, sliced radish, edamame, and mozzarella and sun dried tomatoes. The cherry on top for Fat Rad's event were the angus beef sliders made with Gochujang BBQ sauce, and white truffle oil which guests devoured within an hour. Following these kickass sliders were Fat Rad Catering's porkbelly, fig jam, pickled beet and sage hors d'oeuvres. The "Boozy Brunch" was sponsored by Riazul Tequila and Pork Slap Beer, with Nick Emde's skillful concoction of his phenomenally impressive signature Riazul margarita cocktails garnished with a thin slice of jalapeño.

Many have regarded Brian and Nick as the best and nicest Metal chefs in town and we can without a doubt attest to this claim after attending Fat Rad Catering's launch party. Aside from running a killer catering business, Brian Tsao is the guitar player for the band Over The Pass and Nick Emde the guitarist for White Widows Pact. We can expect to see more of Fat Rad Catering's "Boozy Brunches" at Saint Vitus once a month. The launch party was a great success, making them the go to  company for culinary catering excellence. We give Fat Rad Catering a Five Horns Up rating!