Protest the Hero are a band that have made musical progression difficult for many progressive rock/metal bands after them, with a technical sound brought together by five members, each with diverse musical influences. After the great release of their latest EP Pacific Myth on October 15, 2015, Protest the Hero have been working on a heartfelt documentary series which chronicles the production of their last full length album Volition. The documentary series provides an opportunity for viewers to experience through the eyes of Protest the Hero the roller coaster of a ride it was during the creation of Volition. Protest the Hero also give some insight about Progressive Rock and Metal bands striving to be successful in their musical careers in the ever changing music and entertainment business. 

As an affordable addition to the Protest the Hero collection, Of Our Own Volition's price tag is set at three dollars per episode or the entire series of six episodes for fifteen dollars with a total view time of 135 minutes. Protest the Hero share a sneak peek of the documentary series in the video above and can be purchased here