On August 19, 2016 Swedish Power Metal band Sabaton will release their eighth studio album The Last Stand through Nuclear Blast. Sabaton recorded and mixed The Last Stand at the high end Abyss studio in Sweden with  Peter Tägtgren who also produced Sabaton's 2014 album Heroes. The Last Stand is said to continue its path on the concept of historical wars and battles.  The new album will be available as a CD bundle, CD+DVD and more. Watch the trailer for The Last Stand below! CD track list includes: 

01. “Sparta”
02. “Last Dying Breath”
03. “Blood of Bannockburn”
04. “Diary of an Unknown Soldier”
05. “The Lost Battalion”
06. “Rorke’s Drift”
07. “The Last Stand”
08. “Hill 3234″
09. “Shiroyama”
10. “Winged Hussars”
11. “The Last Battle” (Bonus)
12. “Camouflage”
13. “All Guns Blazing”