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Marissa started Scryer Photo in 2013 as a long time fan of Rock and Heavy Metal music for the purpose of concert reviews and love of music photography. Having many friends as musicians in the New York City Rock/Heavy Metal scene, Marissa published as a media outlet that would also offer exposure and support to the local Rock and Metal scene. Along with keeping up to date, Marissa works as a freelance concert/gig photographer in all five boroughs of New York City.



Based out of New York City, Scryer Photo finds itself in the photo and mosh pits of Rock and Heavy Metal concerts to review and capture the events for readers and metal heads everywhere. When not at a major concert venue, Scryer Photo works in the local Rock and Metal scene to photograph and cover upcoming underground bands and new music that should fall on every rock and metal fan's ears. Everyone should support their local music scene at every opportunity, however SP brings the show to you when you can't be there.